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Wine has been used for spiritual enrichment and to cure health problems for thousands of years. Modern science is proving what many cultures have known for years: moderate wine consumption is good for your health.

Wine and Disease

There has been a recent outpouring of money into research studying wine and disease. Because of the complexity of disease, a direct correlation between wine and health is difficult to establish. But there are trends that are evident that indicate potential positive benefits of moderate wine consumption.

Science of Wine and Health

Behind all of the medical claims about wine and health is scientific evidence. The science of wine and health is receiving attention from both the medical community and wine lovers alike. Researchers are constantly learning about the chemicals and process involved with wine your body. What we do know provides the backbone for physicians and researchers to find the association between wine and health.

Politics of Wine and Health

The politics of wine and health is an undeniable aspect of wine and health that affects policy and medical recommendations. Alcohol abuse is one of the most pressing problems affecting our society today. This issue is magnified when discussed in terms of minors and driving. However, there are proven benefits of moderate alcohol consumption; which has lit a political fire between doctors and anti-alcohol abuse activists.

The French Paradox

France has one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the developed world despite their fatty diets, smoking and drinking. This phenomenon is known as The French Paradox, and the results of this study changed our view on wine and health.

The topic of alcohol and health would be complete without mention of the dreaded hangover. Hangovers have affected more than 75% of all alcohol consumers, and are especially prevalent in those who consumer red wine.

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