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Wine Information can sometimes be esoteric, but is essential for many of life’s situations. Wine is a social drink, and the best way to increase your knowledge is to converse with others and ask questions.

California Wine Regions

California Wine Country is home to some of the finest producers in the world. Each of the twelve major regions is unique and produces a wide array of truly distinctive wines. Learn more about the wineries you know and love, discover the hidden gems, and enjoy all that the golden state has to offer. Explore it with our California Wine Country Map.

History of Wine

Women Who Changed the Wine Industry

The U.S. wine industry emerged out of a male dominated era; where few women worked in the cellar at all, let alone as winemaker. But as times changed, several individuals redefined the role of women in the wine industry.

Wine Production

Red Wine Production

Red Wine Production can result in styles ranging from light Beaujolais to full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. Although the results are strikingly different, the process of production is very similar.

Wine Information Categories

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