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Stuart Cellars Vineyard & Winery

(951) 676-6414

An intense interest in wine led Marshall Stuart to study viticulture. After an apprenticeship at Keyways Winery, Mr. Stuart and his wife Susan purchased 40 acres. Stuart Cellars Vineyard & Winery thus began in 1998. The Stuarts carefully planted those acres in the French tradition of north to south. This practice allows for a more consistent grape and natural canopy protection. Mr. Stuart observes every step of the winemaking process.

The vineyards yield Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. Mr. Stuart practices thinning of fruit on his vines, so that the vines focus energy on the grapes and thereby assuring a more dynamic color and fuller flavor. Stuart Cellars also prides itself on a meticulous harvest and fermentation processes. Small bins help to avoid crush damage and spoilage. The grapes maintain natural juices. The wines are aged in American and French Oak. The Stuarts do not believe in using the same barrels for years and years. They limit a barrel’s life to 5 years, which makes for better wine. The Temecula Valley Wine Society awarded its “best red wine of Temecula” accolade to Stuart Cellars’ 2005 Long Valley Red.

Stuart Cellars Vineyard & Winery maintains a wine club, known as Cellar Dwellars, and holds numerous special events. The winery frequently hosts weddings and wedding receptions. Visitors to the winery are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view of the Temecula Valley. Each Friday during summer, the winery holds Sip Into Sunset which features wine, dinner and live music.

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