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Robert Mondavi Winery

Robert Mondavi Winery
Highway 29
Oakville, CAMAP

When Robert Mondavi Winery was opened, it was considered a novel idea to have a tasting room. Napa Valley was a sleepy, peripheral region north of the San Francisco Bay Area. This new winery on Highway 29 would change Napa forever.

Robert Mondavi introduced many innovations to California winemaking. He was one of the first producers to start using temperature controlled, stainless steel fermentation containers. Sustainable farming was also very important to him. Mondavi made many breakthroughs in vine spacing, rootstock selection, and pruning techniques.

But the real impact to the California wine industry was his hospitable approach. Mondavi was one of the first wineries to try to attract visitors. Additionally, the property has hosted countless concerts over the years. It is all part of Mr. Mondavi’s overall philosophy.

The winery was one of the first production facilities built in the valley after the repeal of Prohibition. Heitz Cellars preceded Mondavi, but it was on a much smaller scale.

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May 20, 2009 | holdemtony

You can't go wrong when Your drinking Bobby's wine.

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