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Peacock Family Vineyard

(415) 928.4620

Peacock Family Vineyard is known for their fruit forward, extracted Cabernet Sauvignon. The key to these huge flavors is Spring Mountain’s relatively long growing season. Because of the moderate climate, grapes are able to hang on the vine longer here than in many other parts of the Napa Valley.

The result is grapes with very rounded tannins and upfront dark fruit flavors. Peacock’s wines are in many ways the opposite of classic Bordeaux which will typically have very tight fruit in its youth.

Owner Chris and Betsy Peacock have not been in the industry for long, but have already developed quite a following. They make wines that suit the international, Parkeresque palate.

Since 2001, Craig Becker has been the consulting winemaker and general manager at Peacock. He works for several other premium wineries throughout California, and also owns his own label called Michael Austin.

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