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Luna Vineyards was established in 1995 by George Vare and Mike Moone. After purchasing a piece of land at the southern end of the Silverado trail, they began planting 22 acres of Pinot Grigio. This was an insightful move, as the grape has become significantly more popular in the United States.

Located near the intersection of Silverado Trail and Hardman Avenue, the vineyard encompasses several distinct growing areas. These alluvial soils are organically farmed. Subtle changes climate and soil yields grapes with different flavors and intensities. Harvest occurs in a number of different passes, and grapes from the distinct areas in the vineyard are fermented separately.

Luna’s winemaking team is led by Mike Drash. Drash knows his vineyard well, and his palate is responsible for blending the separate fermentation lots. He previously worked for De Loach Vineyards, J Vineyards, and Far Niente.

Luna Vineyards specializes in Italian varietals. They are particularly noted for their Pinot Grigio and Sangiovese. Since the first vintage was produced in 1996, Luna has gained a widespread following.

Luna’s wines include: Canto, Reserve Sangiovese, Merlot, Terrestrial Red Wine, Petite Syrah, Mini Canto, Freakout, Tocai Friulano, Arnold Palmer Chardonnay, and Arnold Palmer Cabernet Sauvignon.

The robustly flavored Canto was introduced in 1997 and is Luna’s flagship wine. It is made with premium Sangiovese grapes from Game Farm Vineyard just south of Oakville.

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