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Greenwood Ridge Vineyards

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards
5501 Highway 128
Philo, CAMAP

For several years, Green was strictly a grower and was consumed with improving his land. Then, in 1980, he produced his first vintage using Riesling from the Anderson Valley. Since then, the winery has expanded to make several other varietals. These include wines made with grapes from Green’s Mendocino Ridge property.

Greenwood Ridge Vineyards’ Tasting Room is located in the Anderson Valley and is a pleasure to visit. The staff is very friendly and talkative and the owner has an old collection of wines in soda cans from the 1930s and 1940s. I found this particularly interesting. Their Zinfandel is sourced from 90 year old vines from Healdsburg and receives rave reviews every year.

Allan Green was instrumental in petitioning the BATF to grant the Mendocino Ridge AVA status. This was no small feat, largely because it was the first non-contiguous AVA that was based solely on elevation.

Thankfully, the bureaucracy in Washington was persuaded that vineyards do not have to be adjacent to share similar qualities. Vines in the Mendocino Ridge AVA are distinguished for being above the fog that regularly blankets lower elevations.

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