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Flint Wine Cellars

Scott Flint recently established Flint Wine Cellars. What began as a garage operation has gained quite a following. Flint learned his trade working as the cellar master at Calera for many years.

Flint Wine Cellars is located in the Cienega Valley AVA about 25 miles east of Monterey Bay in San Benito County. It is a small, family owned vineyard and winery. Scott Flint grows Zinfandel, Syrah, and Pinot Noir on his small estate vineyard. He also sources Merlot and Vin Gris to make their wines. The winery uses hands on winemaking techniques through every step of the process. They do not fine or filter their wines and bottle by hand.

Scott Flint worked for years as the cellar master at Calera before starting his own winery. Flint Wine Cellars began in his garage and has since become known for premium quality wines. He buys Merlot and Vin Gris from other growers Santa Clara and Monterey Counties.

But Flint planted his own estate vineyard a few years ago, and he is making small amounts of Zinfandel, Syrah, and Pinot Noir with this fruit. He is converting his land from walnut trees to vineyards. During the process, he noticed that there was more limestone in the soil than he thought.

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Comments & Reviews

December 16, 2007 | dodge

Just tried some of Scott's Pinot in a tasting this weekend in the Yosemite foothills. In a word? Incredible
I'm already planning a roadtrip to sample of the wines in his region...

July 10, 2009 | alain93955

what local market carries Flint???

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