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Domaine Chandon
1 California Drive
Yountville, CAMAP
(888) 242-6366

Domaine Chandon is known for their sparkling wine. These include the Brut Classic, Blanc De Noirs, and Riche. They also make the Reserve Brut, Reserve Blanc de Noirs, Etoile, Etoile Rose, Vinetage, and Mount Veeder Vintage.

In 1973, the Moet-Hennessey Corporation went to Napa Valley to look for ideal growing conditions for grapes used to make sparkling wine. This marked the dawn of a new sparkling wine era in California. Most of the existing producers used cheap methods and labeled their wine, “Champagne;” a major faux pas to the French.

The goal of Domaine Chandon was to make terroir specific sparkling wines on their own merit without having to steal the name of a completely different region. The first vintage was released in 1976.

The winery believes in sustainable farming methods, which ensures their land will be able to produce quality grapes over the long term. They do this by avoiding pesticides and herbicides, using alternative methods of accomplishing their viticultural goals.

In addition to the quality sparkling wines and eco-friendly farming, Domaine Chandon has a beautiful winery and restaurant located in the west hills of Yountville. The manicured grounds make it a favorite stop for tourists and locals alike. The restaurant’s reputation was developed by Philippe Jeanty. Ron Boyd is currently the executive chef.

The winemaking team at Domaine is dedicated to producing the finest quality wines. Tom Tiburzi is the head sparkling winemaker. Chandon utilizes traditional old world methods, as well as innovative viticulture techniques to produce the sparkling wine that they are known for. The UC Davis educated James Kress is the head still winemaker.

The Domaine Chandon NV Brut Classic is a made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc. The grapes are sourced from all over the Napa Valley. This is a straight forward and delicious sparkling wine.

The Domaine Chandon NV Blanc de Noirs is made with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.
Wine from the 1991 vintage was blended with the winery’s ‘vin de reserve’ to make this cuvee. On the palate, it has significant acidity as well as fruit.

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Comments & Reviews

November 27, 2006 | Jessica Diamond

This is my favorite Champagne house in the NV...

December 31, 2007 | Sheila Serbicki

I was here in Dec. 2007, and love the Place and what they offered. I ordered a bottle for XMAS for a friend and they did not include the Card that I signed and I filled out there form that said it was going as a present along with buying a wine gift bag. They did not include this and my friend called them with tracking number to find out who sent it and they told her it was not them and they do not ship to NJ. What out if you order from them, seems like they have terrible customer service. I want be going there again.

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