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Chalk Hill Estate
10300 Chalk Hill Road
Healdsburg, CAMAP
(707) 838-4306

Chalk Hill Estate is owned by Frederick and Peggy Furth. The property encompasses 200 acres and is planted with 60 different small vineyards that cover about 290 acres. The winery is a high end producer specializing in several varietals.

Varietal and clonal selection is done with great attention to subtle variations in climate and geology. The expertise and organization required to care for these diverse vines is staggering.

With aromas of dark, ripe berries, the Chalk Hill 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon is another very good wine from the Chalk Hill AVA. One of the more versatile regions in Sonoma, many varietals are able to develop distinctive characteristics in the AVA. This Cab is a pleasure to drink and has a long, smooth finish.

The Chalk Hill 1999 Merlot expresses the rich soils of the region very effectively. This wine is very food-friendly and is a great introduction to the terroir of the AVA.

The Chalk Hill 2001 Sauvignon Blanc is a substantial example of one of my favorite varietals. While it has the tart characteristics that are normally found in Sauvignon Blanc, there is much more to this wine. It is fermented in both tanks and barrels to achieve its depth.

The Chalk Hill 2000 Chardonnay translates the cool climate of the vineyard site very effectively. This a refreshing wine with tropical fruit flavors. It has been well received by major wine critics.

The Chalk Hill 2000 Estate Vineyard Selection Chardonnay is made from one of the older vineyards in the AVA. The terroir of this site is so advantageous that little intervention is required to produce deeply flavored grapes. The wine was aged in French oak, imparting additional depth and flavor.

The Chalk Hill 1997 Vineyard Selection Botrytis Semillon is made from 80 % Semillon and 20 % Sauvignon Blanc in the traditional Sauternes style. The vineyard faces north, and has a moist climate with little sun exposure. This vintage experienced just the right circumstances to make a great botrytis wine. Production was extremely limited.

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