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Borra Family Winery

Borra Family Winery
1301 East Armstrong Road
(209) 368-2446

The Borra Family is originally from Italy, and they have winemaking in their blood. When second generation American Stephen J. Borra produced his first vintage in 1967, the foundation was laid for a prosperous future in the wine industry.

The winery that eventually became Borra Family Winery was bonded in 1975, and they produced primarily Barbera and Carignane wine. What separates Borra from other wineries in Lodi is their attention to detail and their innovative farming methods.

In order to truly produce wines that have the characteristics of the land, the vineyards must encompass the regions different conditions. This is why Borra has vineyards in two distinct regions of the Lodi AVA.

The Carru Vineyard Ranch is located on the flatlands of Lodi, and is the eldest of the two vineyards. It is planted almost exclusively with Barbera vines, and makes the flagship wine for Borra. The Gill Creek Ranch Vineyard is located in the Clements Hills area of Lodi. Because of this areas unique soil and microclimate, this area is perfectly suited for producing Zinfandel and Chardonnay. Some of Borra’s best wines are made from fruit produced in this vineyard.

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