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The Pinot Noir grape is difficult to cultivate to maturity and even more difficult to make into a wine that achieves its potential. It is a thin skinned, delicate grape that needs a long, cool growing season. Pruning, trellis selection and harvest technique can all have a major impact on finished Pinot Noir wines.

Through better clonal selections and winemaking techniques, the quality of California Pinot Noir has increased dramatically. Pinot Noir is grown all over California is and made in many styles of wine.

The Cote d’Or, or “Slope of Gold,” in Burgundy is the heart of the Pinot Noir grape in Europe. Both local terroir and the winemaker’s philosophy have a large impact on these wines. Producers range substantially in quality, but high labor costs make all of these wines expensive.

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November 12, 2006 | James Bicais

I've heard some of the highest quality pinot noirs come from the centrol coast.I recently had the opportunity to try a Bernardus 2003 pinot from Rosella's Vineyard. It was wonderful! Can anyone tell me about this specific vineyard and anything else about this top-natch winery?

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