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Balance can be an issue between the tannins and acidity in the Dolcetto grape. Some wines made with Dolcetto are a bit discordant and can be abrasive on the palate. However, when produced correctly, wines have appetizing floral aromas and ripe blackberry, blueberry and plum flavors. The grape’s fruit forwardness can make these wines have a slightly off dry finish, even when no sugar exists.

California Dolcetto is meant to be drunk young and appreciated for its fruit forward and honest flavors. Some examples are barrel-aged and may develop in the bottle with a few years of age. There is some confusion as to whether Dolcetto and Charbon are actually the same varietal in California.

Dolcetto has historically been grown in the Piedmont region of Italy. It also has a presence in Liguria and Savoie. Everyday wines made with Dolcetto are widely consumed in Italy.

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