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The History of Fiddletown Wine

Supplies were sold to miners seeking their fortune and the town increasingly became a regional center of commerce. Unfortunately, the trading post was truly a boom and bust example of the Gold Rush.

By the 1870s, most of the placer in the region had been found, as mining became more and more dependent on hydraulicking. The town received another blow in 1878 when Judge Columbus Allen Purinton enacted a petition to change the name to Oleta.

There is some dispute as to whether he was ever a judge at all, and the reason he gave for the name change was that he was embarrassed to be known as “the man from Fiddletown” amongst his more cosmopolitan colleagues. In 1932, the local residents decided to go back to the town’s original name because it was more historically correct. AVA status was granted in 1983.

Much of the viticultural production from the region is currently sourced by non-resident wineries. Amador Foothill Winery and Redwood Winery are both located in the Shenandoah Valley but buy fruit from the AVA.

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