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The Effect of Soil and Terrain on York Mountain Vineyards

Soils on York Mountain are shallower and less fertile than they in the larger Paso Robles AVA. This causes grape yield per acre to be naturally quite low. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah have had the most success in the region to date.

Steve Goldman, owner of Stephens Cellar, is currently offering an excellent Pinot Noir made entirely with fruit from York Mountain vineyards. The 2000 York Mountain Pinot Noir uses grapes from the Goldman and Carver vineyards. It was hand punched during the fermentation process and then aged in French oak.

The technical names for the mix of soils in the AVA are Nacimiento Ayar, Linne-Calodo, and Nacimento Los Osos Balcom Series. These unfertile soils add a bit of weight to grapes that are generally delicate due to the cool climate.

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