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The Impact of Climate on Paicines Grape Growing

There are large temperature swings from day to night in the Paicines AVA. It has been known to drop from over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to under 50 degrees at night.

This is one of the driest wine regions in California. Annual rainfall is only about 12 inches a year; several times lower than most other AVAs in the state. It is particularly dry in fall, right before harvest. This allows growers to let their grapes hang on the vine for a substantial period of time. Humidity is extremely low, and is rarely over 25% in the day during the growing season.

Wind is the most important climatic feature of Paicines. Coastal breezes pass through the AVA on their way to the San Joaquin Valley. Without these winds, the local climate would be too hot for quality grape growing. Temperatures would be very hot and similar to Central Valley.

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