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Paicines Wine Country

Although there are only a few Paicines wineries, local vineyards are highly valued and productive. One example is the 500 acre Vista Verde Vineyard which is an important grape supplier for Dyson Winery in New York. Blossom Hill Winery and Donati Family Vineyard are both small wineries in Paicines Wine Country.

Paicines Wine Country has the warmest climate in San Benito County. One of the major reasons for this heat is the fact that the AVA is less elevated than other nearby wine regions. This causes vineyards to stay warmer overnight, but coastal breezes sill cool the region enough for high-quality grape growing.

The terrain of Paicines Wine Country is the main reason for these cooling breezes. The 4,500 acre wine region acts as a funnel for coastal wind moving east to Central Valley. The San Benito River runs through the region and has deposited alluvium into the soils over the years.

The early history of grape growing in Paicines Wine Country was dominated by the wine giant Almaden. Hublein purchased the Almaden name in the 1980s, and much of the original vineyard land has since been sold to smaller grape growers and wineries. The 1980s and 1990s were a transitional time for Paicines, but the local wine industry is now stronger than ever.

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