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Wild Horse Valley Wine Country

Newmeyer made his first wine under the Heron Lake Winery label in 1985, which remains the only winery in the AVA. The wine, branded as “Miss Olivia Brion”, is now made and barrel-aged on-site using new crush pad and cave.

The climate of Wild Horse Valley Wine Country can be broken into the two major sections. The western part of the region is exposed to winds from the San Pablo Bay. Although the AVA’s elevation keeps it above most of the fog, the west is still quite cool. Eastern facing slopes are protected from these winds, and are quite a bit warmer.

The elevated terrain of Wild Horse Valley Wine Country is primarily made of volcanic soils. Located in the southern part of the Vaca Hills, ancient volcanic explosions and lava flows have significantly influenced the wine region’s geology.

The first Wild Horse Valley vineyards were planted during the 1880s. Because of its isolation, the region’s winemaking history remains one of the least developed in Napa Valley. Despite its relative obscurity, Wild Horse Valley was granted AVA status earlier than many better-known wine regions in Napa Valley.

Wild Horse Valley Wineries

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