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The Role of Spring Mountain Terrain on Grape Growing

The soils contain a combination of the sedimentary and volcanic material. Primarily known as Aiken Loam, they are distinctly red in color, unfertile, and shallow. This leads to stressed vines and concentrated, flavorful fruit.

Spring Mountain vintners face a variety of challenges to growing their vineyards. Much of the AVA consists of steep, nearly inaccessible slopes. It takes resourceful and dedicated efforts to grow grapes in this terrain, but the results are certainly worth it.

Because vineyards are grown on slopes facing any number of directions, ensuring even ripening is a labor intensive process. Many of the vineyards face east and are therefore shaded from late afternoon sun by the valley walls. Canopy management is crucial to expose grape clusters to the right amount of sun and wind. Vineyard managers also use different trellis systems to assist in this process.

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