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The Soil and Terrain of Coombsville is Suited for Cabernet Sauvignon

The sloping, hilly terrain of the Coombsville region is made of well drained, volcanic soils. Because they do not retain water well, they are quite “hot” during summer. This makes them suited to Cabernet Sauvignon, which needs warm soils to fully ripen.

There are several official soil classifications in the region, including Sobrante Loam and Haire Loam. There is quite a bit of clay and alluvium at lower elevations.

Far Niente sources fruit from John’s Creek Vineyard in the eastern hills of Coombsville. The soil of this property is gravelly and well drained. This soil does not become saturated with water in the fall as sites that are more clay based does. It produces Chardonnay that is greatly prized by Far Niente.

The winery also buys grapes from Carpenter Vineyard, which is located a deep, well drained bench at the base of the Vaca Hills. The soil of this property is made of volcanic loam, and like John’s Creek Vineyard, it is planted with Chardonnay.

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