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The History of Coombsville Grape Growing and Wine Production

Nicholas Higuerra received an especially large plot of land from Vallejo. In 1848, Higuerra sold Nathan Coombs the land that he would establish the town of Napa on. In 1885, James Whigord bought a tract of land from Nathan Coombs. His great nephew, Dunc Haynes, established Whitford Cellars in 1983.

In the years immediately following the repeal of Prohibition, very little quality wine was produced in the area. Because they were more lucrative than vineyards, prune orchards dominated regional agriculture. Cheap fortified and jug wines were made on a massive scale in other parts of California.

In 1975, Bill Cadman founded Tulocay Winery. He has resisted the gentrification that has swept through much of Napa Valley. The winery seems like it belongs in the Sierra Foothills rather than Napa, but this unpretentious approach has won Cadman a very loyal following.

John Caldwell arrived in the region during the 1960s. He established Caldwell Vineyard in 1982. From the beginning, he focused on red Bordeaux varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.

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