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Chiles Valley Wine Country

Chiles Valley Wine Country contains a handful of small wineries. The combination of the region’s warm climate and well-drained soils makes for some impressive Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. These two varietals are what Chiles Valley Wineries are known for.

Chiles Valley Wine is made with grapes grown in a sunny, elevated climate. In the evening and overnight, winds blow through the region and cool air settles on the Chiles Valley floor from the surrounding ridges. The growing season begins and ends later than it does in adjacent regions.

The terrain of Chiles Valley Wineries are quite distinct from surrounding areas. Chiles Valley is very narrow and runs from southeast to northwest. Because the ridges that surround the region are so steep, grapes are only grown on the valley floor.

In 1844, Mexican Governor Manuel Micheltorena granted Rancho Catacula to Colonel Joseph Ballinger Chiles. The first Chiles Valley vineyards were planted in 1870. Because of the region’s isolation, many of these vineyards were spared from the ravages of phylloxera. Because of this part of Chiles Valley’s history, there are some very old Zinfandel vines in the AVA.

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