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The Climate of Atlas Peak Vineyards

Because of its elevation and southern location, temperatures in the region are quite a bit cooler than they are on much of the valley floor. These cooler temperatures translate to a longer growing season. Harvest can occur as much as two weeks later than other regions in the Napa Valley.

Despite these cool temperatures by Napa’s standards, the hillside vineyards are exposed to abundant sunshine. Many Italian varietals love these conditions, especially Sangiovese. Piero Antinori’s Atlas Peak Vineyards is the largest property in the region. Antinori is from Tuscany and understandably has put a lot of resources into matching Italian varietals and clones to the local terrain and climate.

Fog often rolls into the southern part of Napa Valley during the afternoon. Atlas Peak’s significant elevation makes it immune to much of this fog. Warm, sunny days give way to significantly cooler evenings. The wind usually picks up in the afternoon and cools the vines.

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