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Atlas Peak Wine Country

Atlas Peak contains several high-quality wineries. Piero Antinori’s Atlas Peak Vineyards is the best known, but there are a number of smaller producers as well. These include Ardente Winery, Dominari and Cobblestone Vineyards.

Atlas Peak Wineries produce wine in an elevated, sunny climate. The region is less affected by morning fog than the adjacent valley floor. At the same time, cool winds from the San Pablo Bay moderate temperatures and keep acidity in grapes high. This is a characteristic of Atlas Peak Wine Country.

Some highly valued vineyards are grown on the dramatic terrain of the Atlas Peak AVA. The volcanic forces that shaped the region are evident everywhere, including the soil of profile local vineyards.

Italian immigrants planted the first grapes on Atlas Peak over a century ago; this marked the beginning of the history of Atlas Peak Wineries. These early California vintners were attracted to the region because of the Old World tradition of valuing hillside vineyard sites. It is amazing that these rugged slopes were planted without the aid of modern technology. Atlas Peak Wine Country currently has about 1,500 acres of vineyards.

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