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Arroyo Seco Wine Country

The two most renowned Arroyo Seco wineries are owned by Douglas Meador (Ventana Vineyards) and Bill Jekel (Jekel Vineyards). These men have been instrumental in establishing Arroyo Seco Wine Country’s reputation as a wine region. Meador and Jekel both sell their excellent wines at very fair prices.

Arroyo Seco Wine is produced in a transitional climate. Arroyo Seco Wineries are on the border of cooler, foggier weather to the northwest, and hotter, sunnier weather to the southeast. Learn more about the weather of Arroyo Seco Wine Country and how it affects local vineyards.

Arroyo Seco’s terrain is comprised of mainly an ancient river bed. This soil is one of the key factors that makes Arroyo Seco wines so complex. Vineyards are grown on well drained river cobbles and gravel. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are some of the grapes that thrive in this region.

Although the history of Arroyo Seco Wineries is not a particularly long one, new and exciting chapters are constantly being written. Past mistakes have been remedied with dramatic results, and the wine region is starting to come into its own.

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