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Mendocino Ridge Wine Country

Mendocino Ridge Wine Country is 35 miles long and roughly 15 miles wide. Despite the region’s large size, there are only a handful of Mendocino Ridge wineries and vineyards.

Mendocino Ridge’s climate is elevated and sunny. It is the only wine region in the state that is made up of non-contiguous ridgelines. Only areas that are over 1,200 feet are included as Mendocino Ridge Wineries. Because of its elevation, it is rarely affected by fog that regularly settles in the lower lying regions.

Because there are several faults lines running through the area, the terrain of Mendocino Ridge Wineries is made of a mix of different soil types. Despite these variations, the effects of rainfall and erosion over the millennia have made the soil porous and well-drained. Vineyards planted with fuller-bodied red grapes thrive in Mendocino Ridge Wine Country. The natural flora and fauna also has an impact on the soil’s suitability for grape growing.

Italian immigrants were the first Europeans to settle on the hillside slopes of Mendocino Ridge Wine Country. They initiated the local history of grape growing and winemaking when they planted Zinfandel, Muscat, Carignane, Malvasia and Alicante Bouschet. In 1997, the unique qualities of Mendocino Ridge Wineries were recognized when the region was granted AVA status by the Federal Government.

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