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Clarksburg Wine Country

The Clarksburg AVA is an emerging wine region with many vineyard owners. Although much of this fruit is purchased by non-resident wine producers, a handful of Clarksburg wineries are turning heads with Chenin Blanc and Petite Sirah. In addition to these grapes, over 20 other varietals are grown in the vineyards of Clarksburg’s wine country.

Clarksburg’s climate is moderated by regular wind and fog from the San Francisco Bay. Chenin Blanc and Petite Sirah vineyards thrive in the wine region’s mild weather. Learn more about how it affects Clarksburg wineries and this leveed wine region in the Sacramento Delta.

Clarksburg’s terrain is composed of flat, alluvial soils that are quite productive for grape growing. Countless years of alluvial deposits have caused Clarksburg wine country geology to be quite fertile. Explore the reasons why Clarksburg wineries are peerless in for Chenin Blanc production.

The Clarksburg history of wine production is not very long, but the region has been used for agriculture since Robert Clark arrived in 1853. He began farming, and gradually more settlers joined him. Early agriculture production found a market in the growing city of San Francisco. Eventually, it became clear that certain wine grapes did particularly well, and several Clarksburg wineries were established.

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