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The Effect of Clarksburg’s Terrain on Wine Production

A notable feature of the AVA’s geology is its high viticultural output. This is largely due to the soils. Made of clay, loam, and peat, they do not naturally drain well. Water often has to be pumped out of the ground. These soils are very fertile and contain abundant minerals. It is not unusual for one acre in the AVA to produce 6 tons or more.

Clarksburg’s productive, alluvial soils are ideal for producing quality Chenin Blanc. Although most wineries in the region are relatively unknown, they are seen as diamonds in the rough by many wine lovers. Additional evidence to this trend within the AVA is the high market price these grapes demand.

The Merritt Island AVA is located entirely within the borders of Clarksburg in the Sacramento Delta. The Delta is an intricate network of rivers, canals, marshes, and levied islands that are both natural and man-made. This environment is created by runoff from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The natural boundaries of the Delta are Stockton to the south, Sacramento to the north, the Carquinez Straits to the west, and the Sierra Foothills to the east.

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