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May 23, 2007 | Jessica Diamond


May 23, 2007 | Joe

I recognize that red barn!Check out my site to see the other side of that barn...

May 24, 2007 | Ryan Fujiu

Joe, the link to your website is not in your profile. If you don't want to update your file, could you post the link in here so we can all check it out. Thanks.

May 26, 2007 | Joe

updated, and here is the link as well...http://www.joeswine.blogspot.com

June 1, 2007 | Ryan Fujiu

@Joe: Cool Picture. If you haven't checked out Joe's blog, you should do it. He has a very interesting perspective on wine.

June 5, 2007 | Steve Rindle

I'm a huge fan of Carneros Chardonnays. These are great pics.

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