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Rodney Strong Vineyards

Rodney Strong Vineyards is one of the great vinous success stories in Sonoma County. Although his first love was dancing, Rodney Strong became one of the founder’s of the modern wine industry in California.

On this subject, he once stated, “I knew I couldn’t be an old dancer, but I could be an old winemaker.” In 1959, he left Broadway, married Charlotte Ann Wilson and moved to the beautiful bayside town of Tiburon in Marin, California.

Strong initially blended and then rebottled wines to his own liking. He established Tiburon Vintners in his home and began offering wine tastings to local residents. Mr. Strong clearly had a discerning palette and it was not long until he was in the market to purchase his own vineyard and production facilities. He found what he was looking for in the old Monte Carlo Winery in the town of Windsor.

For the next few years, Strong honed his winemaking skills, digesting all the information that he could. Then, in 1968, he began acquiring choice properties to develop vines. Considering the fact that so few high-quality vineyards were planted in Sonoma County during the 1960s, he was years ahead of his time.

Klein Family Vintners bought the winery in 1989 and are the current owners. Rodney Strong produces many different wines including several that are sourced from a single vineyard. Rodney Strong makes their most acclaimed Chardonnay with grapes from the region. The Rodney Strong 2000 Chalk Hill Chardonnay has refreshing fruit flavors with just enough oak.

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