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Lumiere Winery is one of Temecula’s newest wineries. Owner and winemaker Andrew Kleiner, who is in his 30s, decided about a decade ago to regain control over vineyards his family owned but were leased to another winery. Mr. Kleiner became concerned about the stewardship of the land, and, with the blessing of his father, took over the vineyard.

When Mr. Kleiner took over the vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc was the only grape planted. Before his father’s passing in 2000, Mr. Kleiner had grafted Merlot. Since the 2006/2007 season, he has planted Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. He is focusing on Bordeaux style varietals. Two acres have been set aside for Chenin Blanc and Muscat.

Despite having the vineyard since the 80s, Mr. Kleiner and his family have had to construct a new production facility. He also is taking the time to apprentice with seasoned Temecula wine veterans, like Don Frangipani and Stephen Andrews. Overseeing and engaged in all aspects of cultivation and production, he hopes to have tasting, by appointment only, available to the public soon.

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