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Grace Family Vineyards

In 1976, Dick and Ann Grace moved to Napa from Orinda. Dick Grace planted some cuttings from Bosche Vineyard on his land and harvested his first grapes in 1978. The first wine was made at Charlie Wagner’s Caymus Winery. It was not long until there was a huge demand for Grace Family Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Graces did not plan to own one of the great vineyards in California, but once they realized the land’s potential, every ounce of their energy went into producing the best wine possible. Dick Grace was one of the first vintners in California to space his vines close together. This has been done in Europe for generations to force vines to compete for resources.

Gary Galleron was the first winemaker for the winery and was succeeded by Heidi Barrett. Over the past few decades, Galleron and Barrett have been extremely influential in shaping the Napa Valley style of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dick and Ann’s son, Kirk Grace, is now the vineyard manager and oversees the family estate. He uses organic and biodynamic farming techniques.

The winery has one of the longest waits for their mailing list in California. The Graces also make olive oil on their property.

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