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Fanucchi Vineyards

Fanucchi Vineyards
P.O. Box 290
Fulton, CAMAP

Production is very limited at Fanucchi Vineyards, and owner Peter Fanucchi only makes 1,000 cases a year. He is one of the original members of the Russian River Valley Winegrowers Association.

Mr. Fanucchi has over three decades of experience in the wine industry. He began learning about grape growing and winemaking from his father in the early 1970s. Fanucchi’s wines are literally the culmination of his life’s work.

Fanucchi makes an excellent old vine Zinfandel with grapes that were planted in 1902. Peter’s parents bought this vineyard in 1972. Along with producing wine with this fruit, some is also sold to other wineries. These include Carol Shelton, Gary Farrel, Piper Sonoma and Alderbrook.

Fanucchi also produces wine with an uncommon grape called Trousseau Gris. This varietal is originally from the Alsace region of Eastern France. It is a versatile grape that has historically been used in red and white blends. It is also made into Port and sparkling wine in some parts of the world.

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Comments & Reviews

May 4, 2009 | chris

i would like to know how to purchase this wine

i am new to the site and do not live in calif

December 29, 2014 | Fanucchi

I would like to know how to order wine from you and if you carry appareal (hats, sweatshirts, etc)

Thank you

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