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Barnett Vineyards

Barnett Vineyards
4070 Spring Mountain Road
St. Helena, CAMAP
(707) 963-7075

After negotiating the difficult Spring Mountain terrain, the Barnetts planted their first vines in 1984. The total acreage of their Rattlesnake Vineyard is only 14 acres, reflecting the rugged landscape.

Located on a rocky and steep slope, the vines are in a constant struggle for nutrients and water. This limits yields, and is responsible for their Cabernet’s trademark opulence. The tradeoff between quality and quantity is one that the Barnetts would make any day.

Located above 2000 feet, Barnett’s Rattlesnake Vineyard is exposed to the sun for three more hours per day than vineyards on the valley floor. Combined with the cool nights, these are near ideal conditions for growing Bordeaux varietals: developed flavors and sufficient acidity framed by velvety tannins.

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