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The Pinot Gris grape is quite acidic, and some completely dry wines have floral aromas that almost give the impression of sweetness. The best examples of Pinot Gris will age and improve over several years. It can also be made into great late-harvest wines. Pinot Gris likes deep soils and a cool climate.

Many wines made with the Pinot Gris varietal in California are quite full bodied. They are known for their mineral notes and soft, rounded flavors. Try these Pinot Gris wines with poultry dishes, sliced meats or pate.

French Pinot Gris is floral and has ripe fruit flavors that can resemble Gewurztraminer. It is grown in the clay soils of the Northern Alsace wine region. These wines are full bodied and have rich, buttery flavors. Crisp, Italian Pinot Grigio pairs well with shellfish and sole.

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