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The History of Knights Valley Wine Country

Jose de los Santos Berryessa received a large tract of land from General Vallejo prior to America’s annexation of California. After the Bear Flag Revolt, many Mexican land grants were no longer recognized and Berryessa lost possession of his land. An American settler named Thomas Knight acquired the land and gave it its current name.

During the late 1800s, significant tracts of vineyards were planted in the Knights Valley. Cattle ranching and other agricultural products have historically also been a part of the local economy.

The township of Knights Valley was founded in 1875. Around this time, there was a failed attempt to turn the region into a major tourist destination via railroad. The region never significantly developed and remains quite rural and isolated.

Beringer Vineyard began purchasing land in the Knights Valley during the 1960s. Bordeaux varietals have historically had the most success in the region. These grapes have concentrated flavors and low yields. AVA status was granted in 1983.

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