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The Effect of Arroyo Grande Soil on its Vineyards

The Arroyo Grande Valley floor is made up of ancient marine sediments that date from the Tertiary Period to the beginning of the Cenozoic Era. These sedimentary soils are between 2 and 65 million years old, and lie over even older bedrock that dates to over 100 million years ago.

Also known as the Franciscan Complex, this layer is found throughout California Wine Country. It is made of a range of continental and marine rocks including greywacke, limestone, chert, and shale. Hillside soils are more volcanic in origin. There is also quite a bit of volcanic influence as the region is riddled with fault lines.

The Coastal Mountain Range borders the AVA to the east, and runs in a predominantly northwest direction. The San Luis Mountain Range is just to the south and runs roughly east-west.

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