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The Impact of Arroyo Grande Valley’s Wine History

In 1879, Henry and Rosa Ditmas planted the first vineyard in the region. The couple grew Zinfandel and Muscat vines. Almost a century later, Bill and Nancy Greenough gave new life to the old Ditmas Ranch. Their Estate Zinfandel is made with vines that are over 125 years old.

The small, charming town of Arroyo Grande was incorporated in 1911. It is located about two miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. Despite the robust local economy, commercial wine production did not begin until the late 1960s.

In 1968, Jack Foote planted experimental vineyards in Arroyo Grande. The region was previously regarded as too cold to produce quality varietals. His vines were successful, and there were soon many other people interested in growing grapes in both Arroyo Grande Valley and neighboring Edna Valley.

Arroyo Grande Valley was granted AVA status in 1990. The local wine industry expanded considerably during this decade. Vineyard acreage increased significantly, and more grapes are being vinified by resident wineries than being sold elsewhere.

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