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The Effect of Prohibition on Ben Lomond Wine Production

During the 1860s, Ben Lomond Wine Company was the mountainous region’s largest producer. Owner William Coope was the heart and soul of the local wine industry. Unfortunately, Prohibition ended the first golden age of wine throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains.

After several decades of obscurity, Hallcrest Vineyards and Beauregard Vineyards led Ben Lomond’s viticultural revival. Hallcrest was established in 1941, and Beauregard was founded five years later.

During the 1970s, the McHenry Vineyards gained considerable renown for their velvety Pinot Noir. McHenry soon had a few neighbors, including Beauregard and Hallcrest Vineyards.

Unfortunately, Pierces Disease destroyed many of the vines in Ben Lomond during the late 1980s and early 1990s. McHenry Vineyards was hit particularly hard, and they no longer have a winery in the AVA. Although McHenry no longer has a winery in the AVA, they still farm several acres of vines there.

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