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The Influence of Climate on Ben Lomond Pinot Noir Production

Average annual rainfall is about 48 inches a year. Very little of this rain occurs during the growing season. June, July, August, and September are particularly dry. This is ideal for high quality grape growing. Too much rain during these critical months of the growing season would make the grapes diluted. The Ben Lomond AVA does not have this problem.

At the peak of the growing season, day time temperatures rarely rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Nights are cool and breezy with temperatures generally around 50 degrees. Over the course of the entire year, the average high is 74 degrees and the average low is 43 degrees.

Fog is not excessive and the region is quite sunny. The growing season is between 220 and 245 days. Because the region is so close to the Pacific Ocean, it never snows during winter.

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